Impervious® Cabinet Features

Weather Resistant

Impervious® outdoor cabinets are weather resistant, meaning they can be exposed to rain, sun, and high and low temperatures without being adversely affected. All cabinet boxes are made from solid marine grade high density polyethylene (HDPE), a uv stabilized material used on yachts. It will not warp, crack, split or deteriorate. Impervious® Outdoor Cabinets require little maintenance and do not need to be protected from the elements. They can be placed outside on the deck.

Engineered to Last a Long, Long Time

Impervious® Outdoor Cabinets are engineered and manufactured using state of the art equipment. Constructed in the European “full access” design, you can easily see and reach your items. Tops, bottoms, sides and shelves are made from 3/4″ HDPE and joined with blind dowels and stainless steel screws, ensuring a very strong cabinet. Backs are 1/2″ thick HDPE and fastened with stainless steel staples. HDPE will not swell, crack, rot or split. We use two colors, Seafoam, a very light almond color and silver gray.

Stainless Steel

The stainless steel that is used for wrapping the door blanks is 20 gauge #304. It has a #4 grained finish. The corners of the doors are welded and then ground and grained to match the faces. We mount the stainless steel pan on a door core of water impervious medium density fiberboard (MDF) with a metallic melamine face. We seal the edges of the core with silicone to prevent any moisture penetration.

High Density Polystyrene (HDPE)

HDPE with trade names like Seaboard, Starboard and Marine board, has a slightly pebbled surface, very easy to wash off. Will not chip, split, warp, crack or deteriorate. We use three-month colors: Seafoam, Gray and Black. Used in commercial kitchens as cutting board material.