Impervious® Base Cabinets

Base Cabinets

Impervious® outdoor cabinets are made to your specifications. There are four configurations of cabinets made in eight widths.

1. Full height door, specify hinge left or right.
2. Top 6″ drawer with hinged door below, specify hinge left or right.
3. Three drawer stack with 6″ top drawer and 2 drawers below.
4. Four drawer stack with 6″ top drawer and three equal sized drawers below.


All doors are approximately 3/4″ thick

Flush metal five sided wrapped doors use exterior water resistant medium density fibreboard (MDF) metallic melamine for the core. The core was tested with full water immersion for 10 days. The result was swelling of less than 1/64th after 10 days. By comparison standard MDF would swell 1/8″ within a few hours of immersion.

Flush HDPE door fronts are made from Starboard solid polyethylene, the same as what the interior of the cabinets are made from. This material has uv inhibitors built into the material, it’s the same material used on yachts.

Cad drawings of the complete line of Impervious base cabinets.

Large scale Cad drawings of individual base cabinets.

Morton base cabinets

Impervious cabinets with flush stainless steel fronts, 6″ stainless steel bar pull with interior rollouts and tray dividers.