Impervious® Cabinet Accessories and Supplies

Appliances and Countertops

Impervious® outdoor cabinets are made to accommodate all of the major brands of outdoor BBQ equipment as well as accessory outdoor equipment. Impervious® cabinet boxes are made from high density polyethylene (HDPE) which has incredible durability however, it is combustible, consequently cooking appliances require an insulated jacket available from the appliance manufacturer. You must specify the equipment that will be placed into the outdoor kitchen.

Cabinet boxes are designed to have a 3cm (1.25″) countertop which will bring the finished height to 36″ from the floor. Countertops are not included. If countertop thickness is not specified, we will assume that a 3cm slab stone will be used. This is the most common thickness of slab stone and manufactured products such as Vetrazzo. Concrete countertops are a minimum 2″ thick, which will make the finished height 36.75″ or taller.

Drawer Guides

Blum stainless steel tandem box with full extension, soft closing action, also used for roll out shelves. The visible parts are either stainless steel or gray plastic, however, the rolling mechanism is not stainless steel. It is steel with corrosion resistant coating further enhanced by our application of Boeshield, an anti-rust product.

For a more weather resistant drawer system, a high density polyethylene (HDPE) drawer box is offered with a stainless steel ball bearing glide, however this drawer is not full extension or soft close. Specify this drawer when expecting the cabinets to be located in direct exposure to rain and snow.


Hinges are concealed, Sugatsune stainless steel, self closing, 100 degree opening.